Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bertha Updates

We have a few updates for you this week...  We're close to hitting the $5,000 mark on Bertha's Indiegogo's campaign.  Although we are a bit far from the overall goal, there is still lots of time left to go.  So please take a minute and share the link with your friends and networks.  Your help in spreading the word is much appreciated!

No news yet on getting an unrestricted copy of the NY1 interview to share - but it is in the works.

Our friend Will Van Dorp has written another beautiful photo essay.  Check out that essay here Bertha update on Tugster.

Also, we're received some more photos of Bertha from her time in NY Harbor from Eric Fischer.  Thanks Eric.  Here are a few of his Bertha shots...

And one more photo - Darren recently dug up Bertha's original plaque from her construction by Sir W.G. Armstrong Whitworth & Co, Newcastle on Tyne, England, in 1925!

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